Mathpad 2012 (English info)

Mathpad 2012 – Math around us

Mathematics is a great part of our culture. Moreover our culture is tightly connected with mathematics. All civilizations on the Earth applied mathematics to construct their buildings, especially sacred buildings.

Ancient Greeks thought of music to be the part of mathematics. Music experts see mathematical relations in the harmony of sounds. These relations can also be found among masterpieces of painting. Inquisitive researchers will find mathematics even in literary compositions.

The nature around us is full of mathematical connections. We can find here not only various symmetries, but also Fibonacci sequences and many other creations basic for mathematics.

The architecture and the art of Islam – in particular – constructions and decorations of mosques – is based on strict geometrical constructions. Gothic windows, portals and ornaments are mostly exact constructions built on circles and arches. Mathematics occurs in Chinese and Japanese art, as well as in Celtic knots and floorings from different historical periods.

Mathpad is the conference which has been organized for more than ten years. During last few years it was mainly devoted to computer science technologies in mathematics teaching. After many recent discussions and one year interlude it returns in a new shape.

In the period of recent years Mathpad started to change. More often one could find talks less connected with computers and more – with widely understood mathematical culture. Following the participants interests the organizing committee proposed Mathpad 2012 to be the conference propagating mathematical culture in an attractive way, transparent also for an audience with slight mathematical preparation. Organizers want the conference to be a kind of forum, where one can talk about mathematics in an interesting and interdisciplinary way, releasing creativeness on the border of mathematics, art and other branches of science. For example, connection of mathematics with art can result in some interesting art exhibition closely associated to mathematics, or in an exhibition of geometrical ornaments, or in sacred art workshops, or finally in the fractal music performance.

Potential participants: teachers (not only mathematics teachers), scientists, artists, historians, students, everybody interested in the relationship of mathematics with art, architecture and nature around us.



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